Kinsey Resources


***WARNING: This information is intended for adults over the age of 18. It is not intended for children or teens due to the use of FALSE sex education words and images.*** 


"Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences" by Dr. Judith Reisman - RSVP America

"Soft Porn Plays Hardball" by Dr. Judith Reisman – RSVP America

RSVP America Parent Training Manual - RSVP America

 Audio Tape

"Alfred Kinsey’s Alarming Legacy" – Focus on the Family


"The Children of Table 34" – Family Research Council

"Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles – A British Documentary" - Tim Tate


​"A History of the American Law Institute’s Model Penal Code: The Kinsey Reports’ Influence on "Science - based" Legal Reform" - Linda Jeffrey

​The Kinsey Report - "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female"